World’s foremost Cancer hospital hit by Harvey

‘Harvey’ floods MD Anderson

Tropical Storm Harvey has flooded the roads in and around MD Anderson’s primary Houston hospital, leaving one of the world’s foremost cancer centres closed for outpatients with cancelled appointments until Thursday at the earliest.

The World famous cancer hospital issued a statement on Tuesday saying the main building and several MD Anderson satellites around Houston, Texas, will remain closed to appointments through Wednesday, as emergency crews work to restore operations and wait for the flood waters to recede.

Showing real ‘get up and go spirit’, Doctors have packed their bags and moved in to the hospital – as one said the Canteen was open so they could work. The hospital has not been evacuated, and MD Anderson administrators said they have maintained continuous care for patients staying in the hospital, even though much of the area around the hospital remains impassable,

For In-patients ready for discharge, there is no knowing when they can go home, as roads are impassable.

Pictures posted on Twitter show muddy water filling a parking garage in the facility and seeping into lobby areas of the Texas Medical Center facility, and shows how devastating Harvey is: –

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