A Petition on NHS New Deal

118 Best Nhs Humour images | Nurse humor, Medical humor, Nursing funJust Treatment, a patient led organisation, are trying to put together a crowd sourced set of demands to create a New Deal for the NHS.
The current pandemic has highlighted many problems facing the NHS e.g. chronic underfunding, lack of resources, lack of staff, etc. and as an organisation they feel this is a chance for the UK to build back better.
This has been written about in the media, discussed on radio and TV, but is in danger of being brushed under the carpet and forgotten – unless organisations such as Just Treatment keep it alive.
Just Treatment wants to hear about the experiences of people throughout the country, in order to put together the demands for the NHS New Deal; in particular at least one person from each constituency.  They will then use these first hand experiences to build demands to produce an NHS that works for everyone.
We need to work together to achieve this ambitious target of listening to at least one person from each constituency. So please take a little time to fill in this questionnaire https://justtreatment.typeform.com/to/SVLkQVv5
I have seen the list of constituencies already signed up, but they are still short in North East and North West.
However, Just Treatment say they are happy to have as many duplicates as arrive, and I think cancer survivors who have been left stranded by the current crisis are just the respondents they need.  We have first-hand experience, but have been ignored and left alone during the crisis, with no thought as to what we needed.


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