Have you ‘lost’ benefits?

The Minister at Dept. Work and Pensions, who sets out policies for paying benefits, etc., is The Rt Hon. David Gauke MP, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions.The Rt Hon David Gauke MP - Member of Parliament for South West Hertfordshire

Rt Hon David Gauke MP

Why is he entitled to call himself Rt. Honourable, when he has just presided over a massive mess-up to our benefits?  Last month, my bank statement showed I was overdrawn, and I was charged a nasty ‘unsecured overdraft’ charge.NHS: THE LANSLEY VISION by PETER BROOKES

After the shock, I found that my benefit allowance, that helps pay for a carer, had been stopped.  No-one told me this was going to happen – apparently because the office who paid the benefits had changed its system.

Were you told this was going to happen?  Or, like thousands of others, did this come as a complete shock and cause you, too, to go into debt?

Phoning DWP they treated this as a simple way of administration, but of course they weren’t paying out for expensive phone calls to an 0345 number (still in use – no-one seems to know when it is changing to an 0800 number even though MPs complaining on our behalf were promised it would change).

So I complained!

VERY loudly!  And today I got a result!

A letter from Louise Culshaw, Complaints Resolution Manager at The Pension Service, offered me an apology, plus refund of overdraft charges, refund of phone call charges, and aite  small amount to compensate for my trouble.

So if you have been hit with similar charges, complain to              Customer solution Management Team,                                                    AA Unit, Mail Handling Site A,                                                  Wolverhampton, WV98, 2AD

0345-605 6055 (you can ask them to call you back – and they do)

and ask for refunds plus compensation.

Good luck!   But what will this have cost in time, stress and worry?

Never trust a politician or an Awards committee.

Gauke’s website shows Betty Boothroyd and others awarding him ‘Best of ….’ awards, and on 18th October he announced that calls to his department’s 0345 number would be free ‘within the month’.  Bit of an elastic month, I fear.

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