Are GPs grown-up or not? NHS England thinks not. First they tell them they have to open 24/7 – perhaps they think they don’t have families? Latest wheeze was to say they had to stay open ‘normal’ hours on Christmas Eve, New Year, etc.

Don’t know about you – but am I going to make an appointment for Christmas Eve – any time that day? I think not. I would expect if I needed to see a GP urgently, there would be an answering machine message telling me how to see someone – but I have better things to do on Christmas or New Year’s Eve.

And while NHS England are thinking up yet more silly schemes – apparently an independent survey says only one in 250 of us want to see a doc on Sunday.

Stop Press – NHS England has just lost a test case; took a surgery that closed on Christmas Eve 2013 to court. Not only have they lost the case. but I would like to know who at NHSE was actually working, and started this in JANUARY 2014? Must be first time NHSE pulled its finger out.

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