Maybe the NHS has a point assuming we have no brains!  I live in a very prosperous village, with a high percentage of elderly people owning ‘cottages’ worth well over 500K.  This week the population has been house-bound after snow.  Winter and its consequences have paralysed the community and streets are deserted !!!

Out came my dog-sledding gear – last used in Finland where temperatures were minus 30.  It’s made in England by Paramo, and copes beautifully.  So far there is no need for the waterproof trousers or wind-jacket, vest and tights are keeping me beautifully warm.  Just as well-, as the village seems to be in a state of shock.

Snow comes every year;  if this were a Belgian or other European village the Parish council would gather every year to check that everyone knew the law says they have to sweep the pavement outside their homes every day.  That way they save on a street-sweeper’s salary, and inhabitants can move around whatever the weather.  The local shops would have paid for a grit store, and businesses would take it in turn to ensure roads and crossings were gritted so people could get out and spend their money.  And the shop managers would have ensured their stores were stocked up – not leave shelves half empty.

There is a big Polish community here, plus Swiss, French etc. who work at a highly technical local European scientific establishment of which Britain can be proud.  But they are walking around looking bemused;   2 inches of the white stuff and this thriving community becomes a ghost town.

No-one, be it for community services or health, seems to think that they need to do anything.  As with the NHS, it’s someone else’s responsibility so we leave it to ‘them’.

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