Guys Hospital in London has a brand new cancer centre

LBW Boutique at Browns image

In a prime position on the Ground Floor of the new Cancer Centre at Guys is a Boutique catering specially for us.

Offering useful things like bras, skincare and a host of other products, well away from the fluffy toys and silly ‘souvenirs’ offered in other hospital shops.

And the hospital stands to benefit by receiving a nominal rent – so it’s a win-win situation all around, where patients and friends can indulge in retail therapy with useful products tailored for our needs.

My first time visiting, I went mad trying on bras.  Eventually I came out with four which I love.  Instead of the usual soul-destroying and embarrassing attempt to find something that ‘might’ do, I had a choice of pretty, ‘non-medical’ bras that won’t look odd on a washing line!

If you want to make an appointment to try o bras, the Fitting Room number is 0207 188 2845, or just walk in – whoever is in charge always seems to have time to help.

The Staff are really helpful, and full of sensible advice;  I strolled in and was soon enjoying myself trying out skincare from the Beauty Despite Cancer range.  This has been developed by Jennifer Young, and at last someone in Britain has thought about us, and worked at developing a range of products that are sorely needed.

Nurses, patients and lots of interested people helped with the development, so the products don’t contain endocrine disruptors.  Nurses in particular said they didn’t want phyto (plant)-oestregens to be included.

For a long time I have complained that NICE makes it so difficult and expensive to develop suitable products;  hence the only suitable skincare we can buy that helps our ‘druggie’ skin has been developed in more cancer-aware countries.  But now Jennifer has developed this range, which is made from organic ingredients where possible (I like that).

And they were very careful not to include ingredients that might react with side-effects of our treatment.  Hurrah! It constantly astonishes me how sensitive are the XXXXX drugs I was on.

All the products seem ideal to nourish and moisturise our poor skins, and I went out with a basket full of goodies – which were relatively inexpensive.  If you can’t call in, you can also buy these very special products on Amazon

[amazon_link asins=’B01AAK839O,B01AALA2EW,B01B6DQBSO,B01B6DYTW4,B01AS1BK68,B01CNV2H1I’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’wwwaftercance-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’c42126ca-09ce-11e8-bc4f-c1c1fcbaf7c5′][amazon_link asins=’B01B6DYTW4,B01AS1BK68,B01CNV2H1I’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’wwwaftercance-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’796d2bd1-09d2-11e8-b2a1-ef50e4744258′]

Each product I chose seemed designed especially for our needs – from Itchy Skin Oil (how apt) to Lip Balm (I go through dozens of sticks every year).  And the prices were reasonable – was it because they hadn’t gone down the NICE test route I wondered?

I met up with Jennifer Young, and she particularly recommended the Nail Oil which is one of their most popular sellers.  My nails really suffered during treatment, and they have never recovered.  But even though it will take three months to improve them, after a few weeks I can see stronger, smoother nails are starting to grow. Aided by the Healing Hand Balm.

 [amazon_link asins=’B01B6DQBSO’ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’wwwaftercance-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’54b92f6a-09d0-11e8-a422-2f78ad097aa8′][amazon_link asins=’B01AALA2EW’ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’wwwaftercance-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’61e38bf7-09d0-11e8-9683-29fbe4bf1871′]

Now, instead of the ‘clunky’ thick creams we are recommended, perhaps CNS will take a visit to Guys, and see what a modern hospital can offer when it listens to us patients!

I can’t keep away

The shop is very cleverly situated near the Transport Lounge.  Now, instead of sitting bored out of my mind waiting for a lift home, I can be found enjoying myself in the Boutique.  Luckily the drivers come and find me!

Last time I treated myself with [amazon_link asins=’B01NCJWBFZ’ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’wwwaftercance-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’31e85805-09d3-11e8-b4f2-f52f60205d62′]

And wasn’t too pleased when the driver arrived earlier than usual!

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