Cancer Charities present at Britain Against Cancer conference are posting reports on the Internet. Reading between their lines it wasn’t the best cancer conference ever. http://www.chris-cancercommunity.com/chris-lewis-against-cancer/  mentions the filter system which produced bland, boring Q & A sessions;  mark of a good conference is when these run over time – these didn’t.

Breast Cancer UK puts out a plea to raise the profile of prevention in Parliament, and says Jim Shannon MP has tabled two Parliamentary motions on breast cancer prevention, which highlight the need for more research into causes, and a proper strategy for prevention.

You can show support: write to your MP through their website and ask them to support these motions to raise awareness of primary prevention of breast cancer. As BCUK say, “the primary prevention of cancer did not feature prominently enough in discussions at the conference.  The poor quality of speakers didn’t point out there is also a role in prevention “for other departments, such as the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) in chemicals regulation, and the Department for Transport in cutting air pollution etc”.  BCUK hit the nail on the head, but will next year’s conference organisers’ listen?

Pancreatic Cancer Action diplomatically said “there were some who disagreed with the speakers” commenting on how them saying we have made progress in the last year and that “cancer care in England is beginning to get up to other western countries standards“.  But no-explanation why we lag so far behind.

UK’s 62-day cancer waiting time target must be one of worst in Europe; there norm is a 2 – 5 day wait for first appointment.  Once my diagnosis was confirmed, I realised the delaying started, when I was told  ‘you will see a doctor within 30 days’. I knew it should be a surgeon, so I went private and five days later had had a lumpectomy. Par with what I would have received in Europe.

Showing what low standards we are conditioned to accept, Jeremy Hunt said that if a member of his family had cancer now he would want them to be seen in current time frame.  Hunt may be happy to  wait TWO months, but with cancer hanging over you, would YOU?  No?

So get on to your MP.


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