Been watching TV series “Hospital” avidly.  It’s filmed at Imperial Trust, bit like home from home for me!  Before it started, a Clinician said she was worried that when the series bought out into the open what was actually happening, they would be vilified.  Au contraire.  I think the public are delighted with the honesty of the programme, and the way staff are able to voice out loud what are their fears for their patients, and how the NHS system is failing them. After the first programme, I was reading comments on the BBC website, posted by the ‘bleeding hearts’ brigade – none of whom got the point that we are not paying enough, so why should we expect all the hard-working staff to work long hours trying to plug the gap?.

Then the Daily Wail’s front page has a story about Trusts rationing hip ops.  Frankly, if Gran is in pain, and privately the op costs £5,000. what are people spending money on?  A couple of designer handbags, the family holiday to Thailand or other non-essentials?  I know where I think the money should go.  Yes, theoretically the NHS is there to provide such treatment, but if we don’t throw enough money in the kitty, but prefer to spend it on ourselves, we can’t complain if hospitals don’t have enough in the pot to provide what Europeans get, because they fund their health services adequately.

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