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Recent figures out from NHS show targets for cancer treatment missed across UK.

Even more shocking – most European cancer patients on average live TEN years longer than we do.

Conservatives come Clean

At their recent conference in Birmingham, Minister for Health Jeremy Hunt had to admit our survival rates are getting worse compared with those of other European countries.  No wonder the NHS hasn’t repeated its mantra of being “envy of the world” recently.

The media had a field day reporting these dire statistics, but as usual the UK Cancer charities were playing this down.  Phoning to ask Cancer Research UK what we, as concerned patients could do to chivy up authorities, and add our voices to any campaigns that CRUK would be running to improve care – I found that no-one really had any idea, and CRUK aren’t doing much to shame the Dept. Health into improving figures.  If the same statistics appeared in American media, all the pink-garmented ladies would be up in arms, supported by their husbands. Here, it’s all shrugged off – presumably with the assumption that the British won’t make a fuss.

Let’s make a fuss

If enough of us offer our services to cancer charities to back up whatever efforts they are doing to shame the NHS, Dept. Health and Government to improve our survival rates, something will have to happen. Let’s hope Jeremy Hunt and all the faceless wonders with their gold-plated pensions are finally going to have to justifying the massive salaries they cream off us, admit that cancer treatment in UK is the bottom of league – and are shamed in to doing something.

The one good thing about this latest survey is that we can hit back at those complacent GPs, Onologists etc. who sneeringly tell us we are getting the best treatment available, and tell them to their smug faces “NO, we are not”.

And for those of us who struggle to handle long term side effects, and get GPs to understand what WE need, rather than what they assume we need – we can speak with authority and tell them that if they don’t help us, we are going to go down-hill pretty quickly.  This might concentrate their minds to provide what we need need, and listen to us.

Let’s hope so!


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