American And European Websites

Confused about sun care?

  Sunshine brings worries about skin cancer  In Summer, it's right to be concerned about avoiding the sun - and its consequences, especially if you are a cancer survivor. And it's right to be concerned about Moles, lesions etc. on your body as they might be a...

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American websites

It's no use being Patriotic - American cancer websites can give better information than we get from British websites Britain may have set up the World Wide Web – but it has taken Americans to show us the best use of the web for the benefit of cancer survivors.   ...

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Information on French websites

France is acknowledged to have some of the best cancer care in the world And with over 140,000 Britons officially going abroad for treatment last year, increasing numbers of us are taking advantage of French healthcare because it is relatively affordable, easy to...

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Neuropathy and what doctors won’t tell you

Neuropathy can be a nasty long-term side effect of cancer drugs. Hearing a Covid-19 survivor describing 'pins and needles' in her limbs, made we wonder if the drugs used to treat this 'new' disease can also produce this effect? In case this is true, here is whatsays...

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Reporting side effects when they happen can improve survival

Quickly reporting cancer side effects may boost survival  If you're being treated for cancer, speak up about any side effects. A study that had patients use home computers to report symptoms like nausea and fatigue surprisingly improved survival — by almost half a...

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Dana-Farber’s advice on Moles

The top American Cancer hospital, Dana-Farber, has just issued guidelines for an annual mole check-up Using their ABCDE method A – Asymmetry, or when one half of the mark appears different than the other. B – Border, when the mark has an irregular, scalloped, or...

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