PATIENT POWER can see off American Invasion

     Are we right to be worried about US involvement in NHS? When two London patients were asked to help set up a 'new way' of suppling joined-up Health and Social Care for the elderly, they were horrified to discover Attain, the American Management Consultants tasked...

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Europa Donna – organisation for Patients with Brains

One good thing to come out of EU is Europa Donna - and we can still be members after Brexit Europa Donna is a pan-European member organisation, with some very senior members of European Breast Cancer medical communities in membership, They often invite members to...

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Nobel prize for Cancer research

Why I am grateful for Dana-Farber Cancer Hospital I have many reasons to be grateful to this hospital.  I've never been a patient, but the news that their Dr. William G. Kaelin, had been awarded the 2019 Nobel Prize for Medicine made me very happy. Why am a fan of...

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Are do-gooders hi-jacking our lives?

Do petitions clutter your in-box ? Is it all getting too much? Can't even remember what you support? Londoners are constantly in the thick of demonstrations.  When these started many of us joined in.  But gradually we discovered those marching were often there because...

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NHS is getting more money – or is it?

Thank you to all who sent emails To all of you who answered my plea on and sent an email to your MP and/or Simon Stevens - thank you. Judging by my website stats. there were a lot of you. How it works Nothing much will...

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Does cancer need all this fighting talk?

Don't talk of 'Fighting' when dealing with cancer Told I had to 'fight' cancer, when all I wanted to do was follow my treatment plan and work at getting better, I didn't think of it as a fight. As The Guardian says, "language is intended to motivate people and make...

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