Europa Donna – organisation for Patients with Brains

One good thing to come out of EU is Europa Donna - and we can still be members after Brexit Europa Donna is a pan-European member organisation, with some very senior members of European Breast Cancer medical communities in membership, They often invite members to...

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Are you as confused and bemused with lockdown as I am?

Ministry of Silly Walks Is it just me who is confused about lockdown?  Or has Dominic Cummings introduced a new Department. named after the John Cleese sketch? Downing Street doesn't seem to realise what's happening in the real world.  John Lewis, city finance houses,...

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Shocking CER report from America

  Issue latest Cancer Experience Registry® (CER) A recently commissioned survey by the Cancer Support Community of America has some interesting findings, which show we in Britain are not alone with our survivorship problems. Their Cancer Experience Registry is...

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Latest on long-term drug side effects

Lessons to be learnt post-Covid  Boris Johnston has said there will be an enquiry into the Coronavirus outbreak. Let's use this to find out why the NHS always seems reluctant to consult specialists and/or patients who have dealt with similar situations. Those of us...

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