Europa Donna – organisation for Patients with Brains

One good thing to come out of EU is Europa Donna - and we can still be members after Brexit Europa Donna is a pan-European member organisation, with some very senior members of European Breast Cancer medical communities in membership, They often invite members to...

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COBRA and Coronavirus

This graphic from the Daily Express gives the information clearly - and for those of us who are appalled at the dithering 'headless chicken' attitude of Government, provides clear information. Obviously, those undergoing cancer treatment should be aware of this...

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Is this the future for cancer charities?

Cancer Charities face problems Cancer is big business, on both sides of the Atlantic. But, with some major cancer charities reporting a fall in income, signs are the once-generous public are not so inclined to donate today. Now, they want to know where their money is...

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NHS up in arms over Goop Netflix series

But is it their fault cancer survivors embrace wacky ideas? Simon Stevens, head honcho of NHS England, doesn't like wacky Internet websites, in particular, Goop. But, lying on a couch, with a Reiki therapist's hands floating above me, not touching, I suddenly had a...

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Election promises – will they be hot air?

Post-Election 'Cut-Out and Keep 'em Honest' List Here is what has been promised - keep it as a reminder, particularly if you voted the way Shutterstock showed above With many thanks to Roy Lilley,  This is the promise Done ✓ £6.2 billion more this year - 'getting to...

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