Where are ‘Elf ‘n Safety’ when you need them?

Especially when Gran "doesn't want to make a fuss" in A & E It's left to you to create merry Hxll on the old dear's behalf tell A & E staff who won't listen when the old dear says she is quite happy to wait but her osteo-thingie would be more comfortable if...

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KISS = Keep It Simple, Stupid

What part of K.I.S.S can't the NHS understand?      NHS uses sledgehammers to crack nuts Coming up with new 'initiatives' at regular intervals.  Wasting staff time, worrying patients and costing money to plan and set up.  Currently the NHS is in a flap about latest:...

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Why American healthcare costs

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FV_BE9hvg68 Watch out!  Once Brexit is out of the way, the NHS will be looking to privatise more of its services, in an attempt to save money.  Warning bells chime when, in the middle of Brexit, Boris takes time off to fly the Atlantic...

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NHS the envy of the world

Laugh - otherwise you'll cry  The saying "NHS is the envy of the world" must come in the same category as Saatchi and Saatchi's "world's favourite airline" slogan for BA .  It was dreamt up as a copy-writer's slogan, but  taken as truth by a gullible public. And...

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The State of Medicine

Latest book on the NHS Reading Margaret McCartney's thoughtful book, The State of Medicine, had my eyes out on sticks.  Written by an NHS Doctor, it is an honest appraisal of a health service ' unraveling, under-funded and under pressure'.  A glaringly honest...

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