KISS = Keep It Simple, Stupid

What part of K.I.S.S can't the NHS understand?      NHS uses sledgehammers to crack nuts Coming up with new 'initiatives' at regular intervals.  Wasting staff time, worrying patients and costing money to plan and set up.  Currently the NHS is in a flap about latest:...

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Privatisation rot continues

The privatisation con trick rolls on  NHS chiefs are pushing through plans to let private companies take over scanning services that are vital in treating cancer patients, having told ministers last week that privatisation was harming patient care. Ten years ago I was...

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Challenging NHS’s back-slapping

https://youtu.be/ftyjMSMXxMA Where the NHS excels Anyone who has attended an NHS conference recently knows you just can't beat them when it comes to back-slapping and self-congratulation. But here is a video of a brave nurse who stood up to the big chiefs at an NHS...

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King’s College Hospital shows true NHS spirit

Treatment at an NHS hospital under 'special measures' King's College patients were horrified to read that 'their' hospital had been placed under "special measures, following serious concerns about the trust’s growing deficit". With an end-year deficit of over £90...

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Don’t fob patients off who can help with NHS

Time-wasting exercise? Brace yourselves! Yet another plan is beng hatched by the gurus in the Dept. Health  determined to undermine any slight improvements hard-working NHS staff have managed to sort out.  They just can't leave well alone, but are about to announce...

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