KISS = Keep It Simple, Stupid

What part of K.I.S.S can't the NHS understand?      NHS uses sledgehammers to crack nuts Coming up with new 'initiatives' at regular intervals.  Wasting staff time, worrying patients and costing money to plan and set up.  Currently the NHS is in a flap about latest:...

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Pomposity in Whitehall

Who cares where the money goes?  Or/  Don't live in a wealthy area Lord Prior of Brampton (above) is current Chair of NHS England. I wrote to him, commenting on a brave Nurse's challenge over staffing levels - at a back-slapping NHS Executive meeting. Previously I had...

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Patients need to take control

With waiting lists getting longer What are we doing about it? YOU can do your bit, help shorten waiting times, and even improve healthcare. As a start, how many genuine patients sit on their local hospital Board? Having sat on several, by-and-large the Patient...

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Privatisation rot continues

The privatisation con trick rolls on  NHS chiefs are pushing through plans to let private companies take over scanning services that are vital in treating cancer patients, having told ministers last week that privatisation was harming patient care. Ten years ago I was...

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Challenging NHS’s back-slapping

https://youtu.be/ftyjMSMXxMA Where the NHS excels Anyone who has attended an NHS conference recently knows you just can't beat them when it comes to back-slapping and self-congratulation. But here is a video of a brave nurse who stood up to the big chiefs at an NHS...

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