Nutrition, Food And Exercise

Chocolate and Christmas

Researchers across the Atlantic are now discovering benefits of Chocolate in MODERATION! So we can all indulge at Christmas but it MUST be Dark Chocolate. For chocoholics,  it's the best Comfort Food  Researchers at US medical centres such as Johns Hopkins, etc. have...

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Eating for Osteoporosis

Confused about what to eat if you have Osteoporosis? You are not alone It seems sensible eating might be getting a look-in. Fad diets have had their day Especially if you have Osteoporosis Healthy bones need a well-balanced calcium-rich diet that incorporates food...

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Does anyone like hospital food?

                     Boris isn't helping improve hospital food During lockdown, the NHS decided it needed to commission a report by a Celebrity Chef into hospital food.  This is the umpteenth one - after Loyd Grossman first came on the scene.  One hopes - but doubts -...

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Boosting your skin internally for winter

Foods That Are Good for Your Skin Winter is always a bad time for our skin, both on the face and body.  However much you wrap up, winter cold still penetrates the layers and can cause itching, red patches, etc.  Don't stop using the best moisturiser you can afford on...

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