Nutrition, Food And Exercise

Aqua aerobics are excellent exercise

Britain has many hospital hydrotherapy pools - why are we allowing so many to close? In Europe they are expanding as doctors see the benefits. Spa waters at Casciana Terme, Italy Italy has come up with good ideas for Acqua Aerobics; I tried them out in Casciana Terme...

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Organic foods – are they a fad?

Latest fad is eating food from crops planted according to Moon phases Moon Madness seems just a bit too far Latest TV chefs to hit the lucrative spin-off trail from their own TV series are the Hemsley Sisters.  The cameras love them, but in their quest to come up with...

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Dealing with obesity the old-fashioned way

Gran was a wise old bird  If you want to live healthily and lose weight, ask yourself "would Gran have eaten this? Her generation were usually leaner, slimmer and healthier. In her day, food was sold unpackaged.  But, modern eating habits have seen us adopt snacks -...

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Getting rid of Lockdown pounds   Piling on the pounds has been one unwanted side effect of lockdown, highlighted in this cartoon from the New Yorker. The media is full of stark warnings on dangers of obesity,  and, never one to miss a PR opportunity, Bojo has jumped...

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