Patients, especially the elderly, can find themselves isolated and alone after treatment.

Often there are money worries too, but a no-cost (to the patient) mobile phone can help keep people in touch, and a newish scheme set up by a cancer patient is designed to help.

Your simPal has been in existence for about 18 months, and in March 2017 became a registered charity. Started by go-ahead Chris Lewis, founder of Chis’s Cancer Community, together with Blair Papworth (Founder of C4C Mobile) two years ago.

How it works

They realised that large healthcare organisations were not interested in a small idea, but as Chris says ” I am always looking at innovation, and with a few tweaks we produced the current platform”. which is a simple but effective idea to help cancer patients keep in touch with friends, family and health professionals.

Mobile communication is one of the most important things we have today, but unfortunately many people affected by cancer can no longer afford to run a phone. SimPal is set up to provide, where possible, a six month pre-paid sim, and a phone where necessary.

There is no other service like this in the world. The whole idea is simple, with an absence of red tape.  As Chris says, “we do no means testing and there are no contracts for people to sign. We include all people affected by cancer in the offer, allowing children, relatives and friends to apply”.

SimPal do very little marketing but always have a long list of people requesting the service; this demand is mostly by word of mouth, or from online. They rely totally on donations, 99% of which go straight back to provide service for others. Demand for the service is growing and we have many new ideas.


Chris says “like all charities we require more money but in our instance the money goes straight out to help others. There is interest in our work from all over the world, so plenty of scope for us to make the world a better place!”

If anyone wants to fund SimPal for  six month period for a patient, the average cost is around £70.

Contact simPal on 0800 567 7890  or


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