Holly berry Christmas illustration Stock Vector - 16016012It can be difficult knowing what to buy cancer patients for Christmas. 

Chocolate are a no-no: drugs often make you put on weight.  Clothes are a problem, as our shape often alters during treatment.

Probably the safest bet is to give us skincare.  Both men and women survivors have problems with dry, scabby skin, and we are not helped by doctors telling us “it’s your age”.   

Skin suffers enormously from side effects of drugs, skincare jars and bottles seem to last no time at all, so why not email friends this page – or leave it in full view! and stock up your bathroom cupboard with presents!

These products are all developed by companies, working in conjunction with doctors, cancer centres and associations, especially for cancer patients – and are available on Amazon.  

La Roche Posay

This is probably the doyen of skincare developed for medical skin problems, and I gave up counting when I reached 90 recommendations by doctors around the world.

My current wish-list is headed by a creamy cleanser in a gift box

Products from Amazon.co.uk

and other wonderful products are


This British company is a big supporter of cancer causes – look out for its special packs which always carry a donation towards a cancer cause

Germaine de Capucinni

I have just been sent a present of their products, developed by Spanish doctors; ideal for the friend who always likes to be the first to try out something new!.  Their products are in the luxury range, and ideal for older women who are worried at the havoc cancer drugs are causing their skin.

And this week I went to have a facial, and therapist told me my skin was “lovely and moist”.


This Australian company has developed ‘heavy duty’ skincare products, many specially to help cancer patients.  Their Heel Balm is especially good if your feet have the deep cracks caused by cancer treatment. 

Jennifer Young 

At last!  A British hospital that takes our skin problems seriously!  Guys Hospital in London has teemed up with this British skincare company to offer a range of specially-developed skin care, with two ranges:

  1. Defiant beauty – for those undergoing treatment
  2. Beyond Beauty – for those who have finished treatment

[Products for Men                                                                                     These La Roche Pusay products come in simple packaging – not ‘girly’ at all.  They are noted for moisturisers with high SPF content, so ideal for men working outdoors.

Cooling pillow

The bane of many cancer patients’ lives are hot flushes, particularly at niight, when sweat can pour off you and you toss and turn trying to find a cool spot in bed.  Therefore I don’t believe you can have too many of these pillows.

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