The government is pumping more money into the NHS

But if you think we are going to see any of this – think again

The figure of £20 billion is being bandied around, but details about which part of NHS is to receive this windfall, what it is for, where and which area will get this, and how can YOU ensure YOU receive your fair share – are lacking.

Rather than say where this money is going to fund better care, the reality is it’s already ear-marked to plug some of the holes in NHS funding.  And rumour has it that anything left over will be invested in new IT, even though many of those who need the NHS most don’t own a computer, iPad or even a mobile phone.

Currently the CCGs (Cynical Commissioning Groups) are planning cuts across the board. Cuts are being done quietly, and aimed at those whom they hope won’t kick up a fuss.  e.g.  elderly patients, disabled, those too weak to protest, etc.

OK – we know cost-cutting is coming, but we can do something to make sure that what is important to us get a fair share.  It’s about time MPs stopped mouthing the mantra that the NHS is the envy of the world, and did something to ensure their constituents gained maximum benefit from its service. 
Ann Widdecombe in Celebrities on the NHS FrontlineLunacy
Ann Widdecombe, the down-to-earth ex-MP, has described what’s allowed to go on in the NHS as ‘lunacy’.
As an ex-opposition Minister of Health, she knows a bit about the NHS, and says “I said 20 years ago that it can’t last because it’s under too much strain. We … have to change it. One consultant told us he expected it to implode within five years. The government will go on putting a plaster over the cracks. But eventually it has to say, ‘Sorry we got this wrong, now we have to get it right.’”
And went on to say that we have to accept more responsibility for our care.  We can’t expect the NHS to nanny us – we have to take steps. 
Wonder if the ‘Daily Wail’s’ story that the new Minister of Health already is a member of Babylon, the private GP consultation service, is a pointer to charging for GP consultations? 
How you can take steps to ensure you receive health care YOU need
We’ve all heard of ‘the Bulldog spirit’, and how the British rally around in times of crisis.  Well, our health is in crisis, and Gloria, a very effective campaigner for a better NHS, has suggested that we try writing to suggest to our MP
“presumably you have all sat down and discussed how to allocate this money rather than simply throwing it into the pot without any forethought?”
Then you could point out an area or service locally where things could be improved.  Don’t send in an enormous list – suggest one small thing to start – then when that’s sorted you can go on to campaign for ONE more funding for other  departments in which you have an interest, such as
a) NHS Hospitals
b) GPs
c) Social services
d) Mental Health services
e) Cancer care

and ask how much of the extra money will be going to this service/department locally

You might then go on to point out where cuts could be made (e.g. it is said that there are more Admin staff working in the NHS than there are beds).  Currently the Dept. Health is spending millions in hiring in management consultants  from
f) McKinsey
h) Other private companies
to advise the NHS how to improve.
I have been paid to sit on several of these committees as a ‘Patient Representative’, expecting that I would be so in awe of the above that I would nod everything through.  Sadly for them I was able to see just how our money can be wasted on hiring these firms to tell the NHS what is common sense – and should be available to anyone who reads letters of complaint addressed to any NHS service.
Some of you might remember Sir John Harvey-Jones who fronted a fascinating TV  series giving his ideas to improve the NHS.  He had been in charge of ICI,  the first British industrial company to post a profit of over £1 billion.
One of his sayings was  ‘Businesses create an increasing tangle of bureaucratic instructions which seek to legislate for an endless series of unlikely events which have occurred at some time in the organisation’s past . . .’  Sounds familiar…?
Way forward
As a Credit Control Manager, Gloria knows about managing budgets, and her check-list above is a good start.   Sir John had the experience of running one of most important companies in world, yet wasn’t adverse to look at where small improvements could be made;  and in the past people have managed to get some improvements in local health services by ‘attacking’ one subject at a time.
Protest Marches to ‘Save Our NHS’ get publicity, but Politicians can stare down from Whitehall offices as we march past – and not do a thing.  But ‘attack’ on one subject, however small, get your friends, local community, colleagues etc.involved – and your MP will have to listen and be accountable for doing something.
You can contact your MP – and also members in the House of Lords (don’t forget them) by clicking on
and don’t forget the Patients’ Association.  If you don’t belong already, DO SO.  They are working incredibly hard to get better health services, and are extremely effective


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