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What is this?

Some have suggested it’s Grateful Dread Public Relations, a Baltimore Radio Station.  Good try, but actually it’s the latest wheeze to come out of the turgid minds of the boffins in Brussels, greatly aided by the Yes-men in Whitehall.  And hasn’t it got every emailing company in a tizz.

MPs and MEPs must have been thinking how to increase turnover of all the companies they get their avaricious sticky fingers attached to, before the UK cash cow leaves the EU. They constantly promised a ‘paperless society’, but like all their promises this is patently false.

GDPR has increased the workload and expenses of countless charities:  Macmillan sent me a charmless email demanding I attend a training session on GDPR for my involvement in their London Cancer Community.  When I pointed out that I had only attended one meeting to discuss this, but numerous meetings on training for diversity and all the other buzz words, and could they tell me why I needed this extra training, as I didn’t hold any names or details of members – there has been an angry silence.  No answer, even though I helpfully pointed out that perhaps they didn’t need to engage quite so many expensive outside training companies!

Privacy Notices

Come on – own up. I have a silly question: Do YOU ever read the privacy notices that exist now?  Do you still click the button that says you’ve read them? How often do you NOT click the accept button?

Most sensible emails re GDPR say something along the lines of “You don’t need to do anything. Nevertheless, we would like to invite you to take a moment to look through these changes”.  But some get you to fill out a page or more of information – some of which you would never give them in the first place.  Makes me wonder?

But if you can’t be bothered, someone in my village has just emailed me with the most sensible comment yet, when I said that it was far too expensive on her time and a tiny association’s funds to send out letters asking all the friends who gather together in a little club, to fill in a form saying we didn’t mind her doing this.  We’d sent our email addresses to her to make life easier, for heavens sake.  Why not just ignore this expensive and time wasting idea?  So she emailed back, agreeing: -:

“Let us live dangerously and trust that we are never found out, eh?”  

Incidentally, I saw the possibilities of getting rid of some annoying emails about subjects that mean nothing to me, but pop up in my in-box on a daily basis.  Surprise. Surprise – none of them have sent a notice asking if I want to unsubscribe !  Perhaps they are registered abroad, and therefore don’t need to comply.  But no-one has pointed out that, like companies that plague our lives asking if we want double glazing, or have we claimed for PPI – they will still continue as GDPR won’t apply to them!

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