Avoid ready-meals if you want to lose weight in time for Christmas

I don’t believe in miracle diets but what I found is

When I got bolshie one day and decided I was FED UP with dieting: trying to lose the weight I gained when on drugs.

No more “low fat” tyranny.  My taste buds rebelled – diet Yoghourts, low fat meals and anything else of a similar ilk were no longer welcome in my fridge.

Instead, I would eat healthily, but not worry about fat – even going back to drinking Jersey full fat milk instead of Skimmed.

Surprise weight loss

I was sat on the naughty chair (what I call the weighing chair) to be weighed.  Bless the nurse, she told me I had lost 8 kilos.  I knew she had got it wrong, and thought no more about it.  Until a month late. r another couple of kilos had been lost – and then I realised that belts were looser, skirts slipping down, and I could see below my waist.

About the same time the papers were running articles proclaiming the ‘evils’ of sugar.  And most mentioned that many ‘low fat’ dishes had vast amounts of sugar to make them taste better.  Then came news that actually drinking full fat milk helped with weight loss, as it filled you up for longer

We all know the feeling.  We are exhausted, looking for something quick and easy for dinner – and there is a line of Ready-meals, with LOW FAT flash on the packet.  Sorted!  But maybe not such a good idea?

Convenience might be just what you are looking for,  But the hidden calorie count could make this a NO-NO.

A nutritionist’s viewf

Emma Brown, nutritionist for calorie counter App, Nutracheck, has crunched the numbers and found that some typical ‘Dine In’ deals clock up 1,500 calories. Almost all of a woman’s recommended daily calorie intake – in just one meal.  And don’t even mention fizzy drinks and take-away coffees – they are loaded with sugar.

“‘Dine In’ deals are very popular because they offer a complete meal option for a great value price. Of course they are designed to be a treat – not something you’d be eating every night. But for anyone who has been working hard to lose weight, it’s perfectly possible to copy a healthier version of the meal ideas at home for half the calories,” says Emma.

No-one wants to be stuck in the kitchen, but you don’t have to be. Emma shows you can enjoy a 3 course menu that tastes great, and you feel like you’ve indulged – but with far fewer calories. It’s all about making sensible choices.

Menu suggestion for Emma’s special dinner

Serves 2, and contains:760 calories & 34.1g fat per person
Cooking time: 40 minutes

Starter: Pan fried asparagus wrapped in Parma ham

Main: Seared pan-fried tuna on a bed of roasted vegetables, topped with balsamic glazed tomatoes

Dessert: Bitter sweet mixed berries drizzled in dark chocolate

For recipes go to: http://blog.nutracheck.co.uk/blog/2016/02/08/3772/

See more at www.nutracheck.co.uk

Healthy calorie counted meals


My special Benefit

Since substituting Full Fat Jersey milk for Skimmed, and sloshing it on my cornflakes, I no longer have to have a snack mid-morning.  And if I feel too tired to make a meal, I whizz up a banana in a glass of milk, and this lasts me for ages.  Don’t know if it would work for you – but it might.

Buying from the Farm

Googling online farm shops, I came across farm-direct.com.

They offer organic veg., and also menu boxes.  These contain all the ingredients for you to make your own soups, pies, etc.  and are delivered to your door.  And they deliver single portions too, plus have a chatty newsletter that makes if fun choosing the weekend food.

So who knows: eating healthily might give you a Christmas weight loss!



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