Lansley walks away from the mess he created in NHS

Lands lucrative ‘Consultancy’

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Lord Lansley

it was who masterminded the 2012 Health and Social Care Act that introduced CCGs, sent NHS waiting lists soaring to new heights,, He has just landed a job with the massive American consultants Bain & Company.

Surprise, surprise. This company has a large Healthcare division.  But that’s OK – Lansley should know a lot about this subject and be keen to pass this on – with perhaps a few contacts along the way.

You may remember him as ‘Lala’; – a pretty useless individual tasked with developing the Health and Social Care Act that set the NHS back on its heels.  Rumour had it that Cameron gave the Secretary of State in NHS job to Lansley, knowing it was a poisoned chalice and would ensure Lansley had no chance of challenging him for the leadership. However, Lala didn’t exactly cover himself in glory, and left the NHS reeling.

During his tenure, the NHS stumbled from bad to worse; and over 5,000 nurses lost their jobs. Half of our 600 ambulance stations are earmarked for closure. One-third of NHS walk-in centres have been closed and 10% of A&E units have been shut. (We wait for our local one to be down-graded).  Waiting lists for operations, cancer referrals, etc, are getting longer and now even Harley Street has waiting lists, as frightened patients raid their piggy-bank to pay for ops as they just can’t stand pain any longer, A friend has just spent six days in a hospital bed, after being rushed in as an Emergency,  He needed an op, got prepped up each day, nil-by-mouth, etc, but each time was told his op had been held over, as others had taken priority.

Don’t know how much is due to Lansley’s Health and Social Care Act, but do know that a grateful Dave sent him to the Lords – now Lord Lansley is already whizzing happily around on the gravy train, having just accepted a job (unspecified) with Bain and Company.

Bain and Comany are one of those gi-normous US global companies that call themselves Management Consultants.  Anyone who has read that whistle-blowing book, NHS FOR SALE. will remember that Lansley’s wife has held a job with a similar organisation for many years.  What interesting discussions there must be around their dinner table; wonder what they talk about?

Perhaps the fact that it’s not what you know, but whom?

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