better known as dunce, this report on their activities is written from the front line, where i was bed blocking after fracturing shoulder – hence one-fingered typing.  the dept is trying to get good publicity for all their new iniatives, so sends out public information notices (PIS for short).

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saw hospital pharmacist yesterday;  she and i agreed i didn’t need to take any medication home.  i had three week’s supplies in the drawer in bedroom.

those supplied me by this hospital were often wrong. but the trust is hosting new rules for patients – to use dunce’s approved management-speak ‘customers’ – and thoughtfully think we have to go home with something.  so am bed-blocking. until medicines arrive = probaby  containing all drugs to which i am allergic.  do you remember la la lansley’s “no decision about me without me”.  dunce speak that soon bit the dust.

and yes – medicines arrived at 9 pm – most had to go straight in w.p.b – but i set off for home at 11pm.

recently i served on two committees to advise on setting up care plans for older customers;  one run by Mckinsey – really useful, so was stopped.

the other, run by dunce’s rivals in incompetence, is now up and running and seeing input on average of six patients per day. keeping very quiet on costs of building adapted centre.  but this committee is memorable for me with because of the uber taxi driver, seeing the calibre of the management consultant (mc) running the thing, demanded double fee as he was taking two of us patient reps home. we saw him off.  said nhs was only going to pay him agreed fare although mc was quite willing to cave in.

i have been treated at three of this trust’s hospitals and recently got into a lot of trouble;  they have a ‘new’ system of ‘safeguarding’ customers’ records.  this helpfully took a combination of my old address (left that address 4 years ago and had been receiving hospital letters successfully at new one) and my next-of-kin’s address (my brother)..eventually an intelligent postmaster found a pile of 20 letters, all mis-addressed, but knowing my brother asked him if he knew anything about them.

dunce – or their colleagues – then came up with helpful advice (presumably i didn’t know where i lived) and said only my gp could change their records.  dunce really know their onions; by the time gp’s letter reached them, they managed to squeeze six more letters in. writers of these letters really knew their dunce-speak.  each letter said as i hadn’t turned up for appointment i was off system, so would have to get another referral from gp.  good delaying tactics – so went straight to CEO at AGM, and in front of witnesses she agreed to sort it out – and re-imburse me for private care when i needed appointment urgently.

PIS must have realised that there is a cost for plastic gloves and sent out a notice banning their use. ditto aprons. UK and Irish nurses have read this, but so far this has not penetrated into ranks of overseas staff. watching my blood sugars being checked, gloveless, i did hope that i wasn’t passing on any infection, and hoping theresa may will hurry up and tell overseas nhs staff the nhs these desperately needs them, before they up sticks to a more welcoming country.

dunce has managed to over-ride the reqirement for dignity and privacy;  ward i was in was kept awake by banshee wails from one patient.  one night another patient shouted Shut Up – and ward was quiet all night long.  next night tried same tactic;  it seemed to work, but we got it in the neck ftom a pc nurse.  apparently that patient has rights.  we don’t, and a young doctor passing said he had even less.

you gotter larf.

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