NHS England aiming for diagnosis within 28 days

BIG DEAL.  Whatever happened to the 14 days benchmark?

English: photo of SAVI breast brachytherapy device

English: photo of SAVI breast brachytherapy device (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So you wait 14 days – finally have tests – does it really take another 14 days to check results for ‘ordinary’ cancers?  I am not talking about the rarer cancers;  some will probably take more than 28 days to get verified results.  But I am wondering how it is on the Continent patients can go in in the morning for tests, wait, and have the result that afternoon.

The NHS seems determined to go backwards – rather than forwards.  And reading comments in medical magazines, it seems that the £15 million NHS England has offered to promote this ‘service’ won’t be enough to keep up with what currently needs to be done – let alone speed up the service.

Of course, the private insurance companies will get even more clients signing up to their specialist diagnostic services.  So will private clinics.  Quite frankly if I woke up with a lump in an unusual place, I would be there with my credit card held out to find out asap what was happening.  I wouldn’t want 28 sleepless nights.

But of course that is what the NHS wants – removes us off the waiting list without costing a penny.

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