When Labour came in, spending on NHS was about 6 % of GDP (gross domestic product)

Blair increased this to over 8% – and for a time we kept up with Europe – but then Europeans increased their spend on Health to around 10%, and we slid back,

And for anyone who says how lucky we are to have the NHS – after 60 years of hosting official delegations who come to see how we do it, NOT ONE has gone home and set up their own NHS in their country.  Possibly because the British system is under-funded, and in countries wher there is a system of social care, everyone actually pays more than we do per person.

English: East Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust

English: East Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So why don’t today’s politicians increase the NHS kitty by making us contribute a more realistic amount?  Is it because they don’t want to be seen to increase taxes?   But they are going to have to do something soon – hospitals are declaring red alerts, with increased waits for A & E, Operations etc. across the board.

How does Government mean to keep NHS going?

  • Trusts are being asked to claw back and reverse a £2 billion deficit (as if they weren’t cutting spending now)
    Deliver the first year of £5 billion of Carter Review efficiency savings (if ‘they’ save money, what suffers?)
    Slash spending on agency staffing (actually, it’s not as bad as made out as there are savings on holiday pay, etc)
    Deliver planning guidance  (when will Admin think for future, rather than panic?)
    Come up with a local five year Strategic Transformation Plan (rather than try and roll out same solutions across country)
    Get targets back on track for A&E, ambulance wait, elective treatment and cancer  (that means more funding)
    Improving one year cancer survival rates
    Sort out an approach and deliver two new mental health access standards
    Jack-up the dementia diagnosis rates
    Transform care for people with learning disabilities
    Improve quality
    Introduce a new system of publishing avoidable mortality rates
    Do Vanguard stuff
    They then must leap tall buildings in a single stride and:
    Cope with out-of-control demand and sort out delayed transfers of care that social service can’t sort out for themselves.
    The fi
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