Medical treatment today is like riding on a Yo-Yo

Yes, drugs can help us get better.  But, there is a downside:  taking these, their side effects can see you scratching at itchy skin, and wondering if you have been invaded by a colony of fleas!.

Three months in hospital has seen me trying out every panacea I could find to counter outbreaks of red, itchy skin, that always appear whenever I am put on strong drugs.  Thank heavens for help from real heroes such as Living Nature.  Contacting Nicola Ramm, she suggested I needed to get rid of the rough bits of skin that were making me scratch, and allow new skin to grow underneath.  She suggested I use their Skin Reviver Exfoliant.

Living Nature’s new Skin Revive Exfoliant 

This rather worried me – hasn’t there been a lot in the press recently about the harm Exfoliants are doing to the oceans?  If you believed all the stories, oceans are awash with plastic micro-beads that make up most exfoliants – and as usual we are made out to be the villains!  But Living Nature assure me their natural wax beads are bio-degradable and harmless to ocean life, so using this you’ll be supporting the Beat The Microbead campaign to reduce the significant ecological impact of plastic microbeads making their way into the oceans.

The product arrived, together with some samples which were snapped up by the nurses!  Suitable for all skin types, but particularly those with mature, acne-prone or sensitive skin (that’s me!), fast-acting Skin Revive Exfoliant gently and effectively cleansed and exfoliated my skin in just two minutes.  With one easy action, my skinLiving Nature Skin Revive Exfoliant - Living Naturelooked smoother and felt healthy, glowing and rejuvenated.  If you’re short of time, use in place of your cleanser.  When I had time, I used it before applying a mask, and if you have normal, dry or mature skin, Living Nature recommends using Skin Revive Exfoliant 2-3 times a week and more frequently for oily, acne-prone or combination skin, daily if preferred.

The New Zealand fern leaf still worn on RWY ve...

The New Zealand fern leaf still worn on RWY vehicles. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Breast Cancer Network New Zealand endorses this skincare range, and makes me wonder why can’t our major cancer charities look after us as well?  With a minty fragrance, the Exfoliant includes some of New Zealand’s finest beautifying botanicals combined with natural wax microbeads.   Living Nature  say their “‘hero’ ingredient, Kumerahou, often described as nature’s soap, is renowned for its cleansing properties and provides a gentle, natural alternative to harsh surfactant cleansers.  This New Zealand native plant does wonders for skin, effortlessly loosening oil, dirt and debris, whilst soothing and helping to lock-in moisture.  Rich in phyto-saporins, Kumerahou also provides strong antimicrobial protection.  Jojoba and Candelilla beads gently lift keratinised dead skin cells from the skin in minutes and with ease, revealing younger cells beneath and helping to stimulate healthy cell renewal.  These natural wax beads are non-irritating and smooth so won’t cause micro tears or damage your skin, leaving it refined, refreshed, soft, smooth and healthy; and healthy skin means beautiful skin”.

Now, I get out the tube two or three times a week, as I find long term side effects of strong drugs can last for several months (rrp £27.50 for 75ml)

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To Buy: available from a nationwide network of salons, pharmacies and health stores and online from and other online retailers including My Pure, Naturisimo, Lovelula and Feel Unique.


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