GDPR made me take my phone off the hook

It didn’t take long for The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to show its true colours.

I need a platorm lift.  A  second-hand one would be ideal.  So I do what everyone else does, and Google “second hand platform lift”. All I wanted was to know which companies dealt with these, and what they cost on average.  I only needed basic info – didn’t need to ask questions.

Within 10 minutes of searching the first website my phone rang.  The first company I’d Googled was on the phone pushing me to agree for their Rep. to call on me.  Then my email inbox started to fill up with offers galore.  None of them giving me the one bit of info I wanted (approx cost) but all of them wanting me to make an appointment for their Rep. to call.

So much for ‘safeguarding my privacy’.  I had NOT wanted to be contacted.  Before I did I needed to find out the cost and then work out how long it was going to take to save up, before I started to talk installation, paying for it, etc.  The only contact I had had was to tick the box that said I accepted Cookies.  The companies were able to glean my phone number and email from this innocent contact.  So what is the Government doing to safeguard our privacy, if it is so easy to gather our information?

Incidentally, the GDPR was obviously  a licence to make money for all those training companies who sold their services to Macmillan and other charities.  I objected when signing up to the London Cancer Alliance when, for the third time, Macmillan said I had to attend yet another GDPR training day.  They paid for my taxis (over £60 each time) gave us a good lunch and had hired an expensive conference room for each training session.  And as far as I was concerned, we were members of the LCA  to try and improve London’s cancer services, but wouldn’t be storing any Macmillan members’ details – so didn’t need the training.

The whole keruffle was just another way of making money, and, as I have found out, gives one no protection from cold calling whatsoever.


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