Watching Dan Snow narrating his TV programme on Britain’s mastery of the oceans, what struck me is that we became a great nation because we were prepared to go out and DO something.  Not waste time ‘consulting’.  For centuries Parliament ran along with what the British people wanted, and we backed people like Francis Drake and Clive of India.  Yes – they were thugs – but deep down so are many people, so live with it.

Then, along comes the Brexit Referendum.  The majority of us voted OUT, but as today’s politicians realise, it is easy to stop something if you don’t like it,  And they certainly don’t like the idea of the cosy Brussels gravy train no longer being available to cushon them when they need a job.

So we are now ruled by the Whitehall Chicken flock a.k.a. Headless Chickens.  Recognise them here : –

All of a sudden, having ignored Europe’s superior healthcare and taken no notice of better standards over the Channel, the NHS sets the headless chickens loose, squawking “what are we going to do post Brexit?”  

For years, journalists have locked horns with the UK’s Dept. Health.  Andrew Lansley, in particular, would sneer whenever one asked a question as to why the NHS lagged behind Europe.  Looking down his nose, he would pontificate “it’s not the NHS way”, as if that excused  poor performance.

Strange, how all of a sudden out of the woodwork come weird panics about drug supply etc.  I can’t see Big Pharma allowing its profits to dip, so get real.  And yes, we do need EU staff;  but by the time the NHS wakes up to their valuable contribution, most will have upped sticks and gone to more welcoming shores.  Will we ever learn?

As a patriotic Brit, I am looking for a rifle, and will stake out a cosy hide in Whitehall for a chicken hunt as soon as I have a trusty gun. Anyone feel inclined to join me?

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