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It’s no use being Patriotic – Browsing American cancer websites gives better information than we get in Britain

Update: Britain may have set up the World Wide Web – but boy, are the Americans showing us how to use the web for the benefit of cancer survivors. At least in my opinion as a patient, looking for information for myself.  

I find their websites informative, written in patient-friendly language, with lots of suitable videos giving a 2 – 3 minute overview of a problem.

Below are sites I visit regularly;  run by the

  • US Government
  • famous American cancer hospitals
  • or American Cancer charities.

Reliable and informative, with more up-to-date and latest well-researched treatment and survivorship information.

Incidentally, like Macmillan and Cancer Research UK in Britain, Livestrong and Susan G. Komen for the cure have had major problems recently, but seem to have risen above them and are still there giving helpful information.

What’s on offer in UK?

Just to make sure I wasn’t being too unkind to NHS Choices – I went on their site.  Least said …….

There is also the NCSI (National Cancer Survivors Initiative) website: ditto. It’s now closed down, with a link through to Macmillan, which is sometimes  ‘unavailable’.

So just Google site names below, to open up useful, patient-friendly information.  I haven’t included addresses because many have two or three websites (or more), each one dedicated to a particular area

List of US websites


(Known as ASCO – this is the US equivalent of NHS Choices)

MD Anderson Cancer Center

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Hospital

Mayo Clinic

Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women’s Cancer Center

Fox Chase Cancer Center

Johns Hopkins Hospital

University of Washington Medical Center

Massachusetts General Hospital

UCSF Medical Center

UCLA Medical Center

Stanford Hospital and Clinics


Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Try these links: Ce

And good luck!
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