I cannot understand why the NHS is so stuck on copying US medical care.  Although one of most expensive in the world, it is not the best – most authorities (American included) will put France at the top of the list.  So what does NHS do?  Keeps on employing American management consultants such as Attain(hopeless) and McKinsey (expensive, good – but after a year’s work NHS didn’t take their advice – what did that cost?).

With all their money, it seems that the US has the same problems we experience: doctors don’t listen to patients, waiting times increasing, lack of empathy etc.  Dr. Paul Rosen gives a succinct summary of what it’s like;  – it sounds familiar, so do we want to copy them?  Click Here To View

He says doctors need to restore empathy, patients must be allowed to sleep and heal (tell that to NHS wards that mix in dementia patients so no-one gets any peace) and patients must be listened to, to get better results. The NHS could start with those unfeeling hospitals that call us in for diagnosis on a Friday afternoon to tell us we have cancer.  By the time you can get to a phone all the cancer charity helplines are closed for the weekend.  You are left to worry all weekend – not helpful.   No wonder we resort to Google

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