Reading a posting on a major cancer charities’ forum, someone says they have borrowed cortisone cream from their husband, and used this on their awful skin.  Surely, we are told we should NEVER use another patients’ medicines?  Yes, I know we all do, but this charity bangs on about giving correct advice so I would have thought this post would not have been allowed.

I shot back a reply, commenting that La Roche Posay make excellent skincare products specially for cancer patients, and suggested she used those.  I have already been told by the charity I can’t mention my website, so I don’t, even though I try to offer good advice for skincare!  Back comes a reply from the charity saying I am not allowed to mention my blog.  I hadn’t, but they must think I own La Roche Posay!  Wish I did! but this skincare is used by so many hospitals (last count in 90 different countries), that L’Oreal have now bought them out.

This charity doesn’t like adverse comments about the NHS – wonder why?  It’s supposed to champion us, but ….    didn’t like me commenting that we often don’t get best advice.  In fact, Britain’s fire brigades have recently come out and named skincare products recommended in Britain that are a fire hazard, and say that at least 15 people in London alone have died in the last three years as a result of fires that have spread over bed-sheets and clothing because the victim was using a flammable skin cream.  Mention is made of two products beloved of the NHS :  E45 and Cetraben.

I wish there were a major cancer charity that would go out and campaign for us;  I’ve found out I can get better care in my local hospitals if I tackle the CEO – and keep on.  But it would be nice to have a large organisation take this on!


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