Had an informative letter from my lovely Nail Doctor, who keeps an eye on my painfully splitting nails.  They are recovering.  His very information letter says he also ‘deals’ with Hair – so he could be just the person to tell me what to do with post-cancer hair.

Phone for appointment – finally reach top of queue – only to be told that I need ANOTHER referral letter from GP.  “But I thought Jeremy Hunt has said he wants to stop hospitals referring patients back to GPs?”

Who’s Jeremy Hunt?”  Says hospital appointments office.  See here, dear, is his pic.

Try to keep a stiff lip and all that, but sometimes I want to bury my head in my hands – and weep. Common sense seems a rare commodity when dealing with the NHS.  When I ask GP for letter, she almost blames me for “this stupidity” – not my fault – I am just a patient.

Closing Surgeries

Currently PULSE (the doctor’s magazine) headlines GPs all over UK are giving up.  In our neck of the woods two practices closed this summer, and another is threatening to follow.  We are herded, willy nilly, into a vast practise with umpteen docs – but still wait three weeks to see a named GP.

This surgery has a Medicines Gauleiter, who wastes hours of my (and NHS time) trying to convince me my pills need changing.  Surprise, surprise.  Google gives me costs, and the suggested alternatives are cheaper. Refuse to change, and start round of Consultants – who are indignant at their competence being questioned and write strong letters to surgery – I am then phoned up by owner of Practice.  Spends 30 minutes trying to bully me on phone. I win – but am shattered. What price GPs being overworked!

Waitrose – what’s happened?

Their Online ordering used to be a godsend, but now their website often it won’t let me in, then I have to change Password, final straw was my delivery went by default to an address where I had been temporarily – ages ago.  But every cloud – and all that.  Through Farmers For Action found a wonderful list of local farmers shops around UK, that deliver.  Our nearest is Farm Direct; It delivers, and they only sell fresh, seasonal produce.  Real find.


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