NHS is short of money

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But NHS England has just spent over £100,000 re-designing its logo.  Not that you would notice, but hundreds of organisations have been told to rework their publicity materials.

They are told that having the incorrect logo could put pressure on A & E. Really?  Next time you are rushed into your nearest because of an emergency, are you going to have time to notice what the logo by the door looks like? Have you ever noticed it?   Do you care?

NHS England say change is the result of 28 Focus groups up and down the country, involving members of the public to discuss this important facet of health care.  In 1,000 interviews and nine workshops, there was the serious stuff to discuss:  “inconsistencies in the format of the logo, which could result in more people getting confused”.  Really?

How they work that out no-one can explain, but every Trust has been told to place the NHS logo ABOVE their name, and according to the Sunday Telegraph this is said to “reduce confusion and concern amongst patients”.

Quite how the big-wigs come to that conclusion, no-one is sure – but there it is.  Whilst hospital Trusts tremble at the prospect of a hard winter, NHS England knows where priorities lie, and has got down to some serious thinking – and spending our money.  Some people might say they were throwing it away, but where the NHS places its logo obviously has some deep significance – if only someone would tell puzzled patients what this is.

Just so you know what the NHS logo looks like, there it is at the top (as if you didn’t know), but NHS England knows that we could be confused, so is kindly helping us out.  Nice to know they have their priorities right.  At least the stationery companies will make a nice profit.




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