To me, my face is what I show to the world – and I want it to look reasonable

Friends are concerned about my health, so I don’t like to let them down

I feel if I can show a good face to the world, friends won’t be worried about what’s going on inside.  It is so boring showing all the health problems we go through, and each time I have a stay in hospital, get put on a new drug or are given antibiotics to counter a hospital infection, this shows in my face.  If only there was a magic mask we could put on to hide our awful skin!

But the next best thing takes a little longer to work  – but not by much.  It’s a ‘Sheald Recovery Balm’, made by those wonderful people at iS Clinical.  (The iS stands for Innovative Skincare).Image result

How it started

Ages ago, I was invited to a press conference to learn about a skincare range developed at the Washington Cancer Center.  In the States, they take side effects from cancer drugs very seriously, and had found that many of the drugs and treatments were producing what I call Brillo pad skin.  So clever people set about research, and the result was a range of skincare, in ‘cheering up’ bright blue and silver packaging, all designed to help us restore our skin to normality – or even better.

At the conference, I couldn’t see many oncologists;  most of the doctors present specialised in plastic surgery – face lifts.  Apparently this form of surgery is very invasive, and it can take time for skin to be restored.  But iS Clinical products help with many skin problems, and is particularly effective at repairing and regenerating skin after a face lift. Cancer services were remarkable by their absence, even though these products were developed specifically for cancer patients, which seemed a shame as I found the products worked beautifully.

So when I got a horrendous hospital infection and came out with Brillo pad skin, I turned to iS Clinical’s new Sheald Recovery Balm, and today a very particular health writer friend, not given to flattery, remarked on how fantastic my skin looked.  As I tried to blush, I felt I should leave a skin patch untouched so friends can see what my skin looked like before!

Sheald Recovery Balm   £48

Other useful products are  iS Clinical Cleansing Complex (£33.99) , iS Clinical Youth Intensive Crème (£160) and iS Clinical Super Serum (£71)

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