NHS England have just spent £100,000 on re-designing the NHS logo – can I suggest a more suitable one?

NHS England Bigs wigs sitting on the platform at Britain Against Cancer conference, rather missed this point.

The 400 Delegates at the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Cancer conference were told by Chairman, John Baron M.P, launching a new report into progress half-way through the five-year England Cancer Strategy (2015-2020),

“The strategy risks failure unless NHS England takes corrective action immediately”.

No wonder there was such a gloomy air to the conference.

Roy Lilley and others say the importance of getting this strategy right cannot be overstated. Over 20 per cent of cancers are first diagnosed as an emergency procedure, which is often far too late. This late diagnosis is the main reason we struggle to close the gap with international survival rates – the last Government analysis suggesting an extra 10,000 lives could be saved each year if we did.

The NHS are used to mouthing the mantra “delivering world class care”; repeat it often enough and you might get people to believe your  propaganda. But the audience knew the reality, and sat in stony silence, thumbing their mobile phones searching for good news.

But delegates at the Britain Against Cancer conference knew the score, and reality hit them in the eyes with this dire prediction over the Cancer Strategy.

Why do we pretend?
Anyone who was a patient representative at the Conference knows that reality today falls short of up-beat, boastful predictions.  It is time to acknowledge we don’t have the money, the staff nor the facilities, so it’s up to us to ‘make do and mend’.
Don’t do as Jeremy Hunt’s office is fond of doing.  When educated, professional people, whose job it is to know about these things, make the perfectly sensible observation that we don’t have enough staff, the DH press office says there are 25% more training places available.  
Are super-storks on special delivery, dropping ready-made doctors under every available gooseberry bush?  Now the NHS has sold off its land, gooseberry bushes must be in short supply.

A & E in London

Last time a wonderful Ambulance crew scooped me up after a fall, one asked me “where would you like to go Luv?”  Sensible chap – by making me choose the hospital, I couldn’t turn round and complain about a long wait as it was me that chose which A  & E to go to.

When the Dept.Health and NHS England venture out of their air-conditioned, gleaming modern offices (have you noticed their lifts never break down?  unlike in NHS hospitals) they might ask the man-in-the-street what his solution is to NHS’s problems.  In the meantime, these are my thoughts:

You have to have a Plan B for next time you end up a guest of the NHS.  Friends and family need to be primed to bring you pillows, warm  blankets, Food rations, gaffer tape (useful for plugging drafts), spare batteries (if you need a hoist) and a hot water bottle –  Elf ‘n Safety has chucked them.

You won’t have time worrying about your image in your hospital gown, you are going to need the necessities of life.  The NHS is in dire straights, and pillows and blankets are too expensive.  I kid you not.

Make sure you watch out  for COWS – no, not mobile milk bars.  These are Computers on Wheels that lie in wait around every bay, ready to trip you up whilst the HCA tries to work out what dose of pain killer you need –  forget about having an over-dose, no such luck; COWs usually run out just before they get to you

We all know there aren’t enough staff to do the job properly and safely.  So THEY pretend they have a better idea… you soon find out they don’t.
So why pretend there is enough money in the NHS, when there isn’t?
Why pretend we balanced the books when everyone knows there is massive manipulation and massaging.  The sort of thing that can’t be done again.
How could anyone pretend that Simon Steven’s challenge to government over the bus advert, useless politicians, funding and the Brexit cash, is anything other than the stripped pine truth that everyone in and around the NHS should be four-square behind. 
Why pretend we will balance NHS’ books ever again?  
Why do we pretend we are ever going to get close to performance targets, most of which are political or arbitrary.
Why pretend the system will keep going? And the Government, of any persuasion, is interested in anything other than clinging to power? 
I wish Sceaming Lord Sutch were still alive.  At least you could trust him;  he openly admitted he was loony.
So don’t kid ourselves the NHS is going to deliver the care we would like.  Granny. is going to have to show tons of Blitz spirit this winter  Prepare to learn from her.
Apologies for being so gloomy, but it was obvious I was not alone, judging by long faces at Britain Against Cancer conference.  I like to be positive, so next week will come up ideas to campaign for better care play the system – bombard MPs for improved care  – don’t hold your breath but it’s up to us to ask questions as no-one will do it unless we demand.
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