Be careful what you ask for

Boris Johnson SMASHES his fist on dispatch box as he rages in PMQs row with Keir Starmer | Politics | News | learned from an early age                            1) you don’t go out with boys who are members of the notorious Oxford Bullingdon Club,  and                                                       2) BYOB (Bring your own bottle) was a recipe for disaster – mixing drinks is never a good idea.

After the shenanigans at 10, Downing Street now coming out in the press, it seems the Cabinet Office might learn a lesson from my late teenage years.  Watching our Prime Minister deliver his halting, painful apology at the Dispatch Box was cringe-making, and one can only hope when Sue Gray delivers her report that Whitehall takes note, and cleans up its act.

Apparently, 100 people were on the invitation list for the notorious email inviting people to a BYOB party in the No. 10 garden last May, but only 40 turned up.  I like to think that is because 60 people had the good sense to turn down such a crass and insensitive invitation.  Or was it because they discovered they couldn’t claim for the bottle on expenses?

Mind you, I and thousands of others have only ourselves to blame.  We voted Bojo in – me because I thought he was bombastic enough to stand up to the EU bullies; having worked in Brussels I knew what went on there – and wanted out.

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