A Gentle January Gift

A Gentle January Gift

During January, you can take part in a fun ‘event’ – a daily Dose of Wellbeing – details of which pop into your email inbox at 9.20 each morning!

This package, which is a bit like a January advent calendar, will consist of a daily 9.2 minute video (throughout the month) which will be delivered to your inbox at 9.20am each morning. The aim is to increase mental wellbeing. This package is open to all – not just those that have had cancer.


There will be 31 different videos include yoga, mindfulness, self-massage, nourishing recipes, coaching, meditation, reflexology, drawing, pilates, slow craft and more.

Take part by purchasing and/or gifting to a friend.


All proceeds will be donated to Life after Cancer which will allow us to continue supporting adults who’ve had cancer.


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