Cold winds are sweeping across Britain

BotanicalsCreate Natural Balance and Wellbeing

With Botanicals Aromatic Organic Body Oils

Winter’s bitter winds can penetrate the thickest woollies, and dry out our skin.  So to keep them out,  Botanicals, the natural organic skincare brand certified by the Soil Association, have produced a collection of indulgent Body Oils – which provide ’emotional skincare’ as well as moisturising.

According to beauty professionals, emotional skincare is going to be big this year. So what is it – and how can it help?  Emotional skincare harnesses ingredients that have the ability to achieve harmony between mind, body and soul – essentially caring for our skin as well as our emotions.  Many big brands are reportedly investing in this concept, with some looking to introduce aromatic skincare products that can change mood as well as the condition of your skin.  However, there are highly respected certified natural and organic skincare brands that already provide emotional ‘aromatic’ skincare solutions…. and have been doing for years!

So by using this type of skincare – I am bang on trend! At last!

Botanicals has been producing certified natural and organic skincare products that work holistically to feed skin, create balance and care for over a decade. Wrapping your body in these Botanicals aromatic Organic Body Massage Oils is one of the best ways to benefit from skincare that cares for your skin – and emotions. There are 6 beautiful body oil blends to choose from – Deep Peace, Indulgence, Muscle Ease, Nourish, Revitalise and Spa Detox – all certified natural and using ingredients that are carefully chosen for their synergistic, therapeutic and holistic benefits.

Naturally I chose to try Nourish, and found this  floral infusion of organic Rose, Palmarosa, Rose Geranium, Lavender and Ylang Ylang essential oils, They soaked deep into my skin, and conditioned it so that I only needed to use it once a day, after my shower, and the effects lasted 24 hours.

As their literature says, “Botanicals Organic Body Massage Oils are made with 100% certified organic oils and natural Vitamin E.   All the natural goodness derived from using the pure power of plants to care for your skin as nature intended.  What’s also vitally important is the fact that Botanicals provides natural organic skincare products that are certified by the Soil Association.  This is crucial as certification gives you the reassurance Botanicals skincare products don’t contain any controversial, potentially harmful ingredients, nor artificial colours or fragrances and meet the strictest standards for organic integrity and purity.”

For best results, massage over your body immediately after a bath or shower, whilst the skin is warm and slightly damp.

To Buy: available from a nationwide network of salons, pharmacies and health stores and online from


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