Kitchen Table Day

It’s a new twist on the old coffee morning/tea party get-together, but hey – it works!  Family, friends and colleagues loosen up around a kitchen table, and you can have fun helping those with cancer.  And as it’s in the kitchen, it doesn’t have to be too formal, which makes for easier washing up afterwards!

Whether it’s an afternoon tea, a supper of comfort food or a quiz night in an unusual setting, it’s an excuse to get together and have fun in the kitchen.  Kitchens mean no formality, just come and enjoy. And because friends will expect informality, it will be easy going and probably a lot less stress – and there are plenty around to help with clearing up!

Maggie’s cancer support has latched on to this, and will help you if you make this a fund-raising event for them.  The date they suggest (but you can choose any day) is

Friday, 27 March 2020    any time between 09:00 – 23:30 GMT

How to take part

1. Register online here

or get in touch with your local Maggie Centre Fundraiser

and they will send you a free pack filled with games and fundraising ideas

2. Decide what to do around your kitchen table
3. Invite friends and family
4. Enjoy your event and remember to collect donations
5. Send your donations to Maggie’s via post, online via JustGiving, or pop into your local Centre

If you send Maggie’s the money you’ve raised before the end of April, you’ll get a FREE Maggie’s tea towel as a small thank you !

Yes, this has been done before, but somehow the ‘kitchen table’ concept suggests informality but a bit more – friends will probably get more than just a coffee and a slice of cake, therefore it becomes more of an event and worth a bigger donation.
If you are worried about asking for money, it’s perfectly OK to say ‘just give a donation’.  Funnily enough, if they aren’t pressured into giving a specific amount, people are often more generous!
Lots of celebrities have provided recipes – from Raymond Blanc who provided his mother’s Watercress Soup through Gaby Logan’s scrumptious chicken dish, there are lots to give you ideas on
And – if you are inviting friends for a Friday evening meal, most will jump at the chance to unwind and not do the cooking at the end of the week!
Get Cooking!


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