Below I write about how unhelpful the Parliamentary Health Ombudsman is when dealing with our complaints re bad care in NHS. The Patients’ Association is gunning for them, and taking up a whole raft of complaints – see their website for more.

Annie Anderson (UK) speaking at latest Europa Donna conference (the association of over 40 national cancer reps in and around Europe) presented World Cancer Research Fund data indicating that 38% of postmenopausal breast cancer could be avoided by maintaining a healthy weight, being physically active and restricting alcohol intake. Sensible suggestion was to do this at the time we go for mammography screening visits. For instance, a feasibility study of a lifestyle intervention within a breast cancer screening programme led to improvements in BMI, waist circumference and physical activity. The study also indicated that women were aware of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, but were less aware of its role in reducing breast cancer risk. Marina Pollán of Spain emphasised the potential impact of rising obesity in Europe and worldwide: research indicates that obese women have a higher incidence of post-menopausal breast cancer, their tumours tend to be larger and more aggressive and can have a worse prognosis than in non-obese women. Too simple for the pompous Big Wigs who run our cancer care, perhaps?

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