Like so many others, I stayed up to watch Election results. When I stagger bleary-eyed into Fracture Clinic morning after, I find Consultant (with whom I had built up a good rapport) wasn’t there. Ominous – three top Consultants have recently left my local Foundation Hospital, two after over 20 years’ service, yet they are so eminent their names are still kept on the website.

In the Fracture Clinic, the cuts are already biting, and when I ask nice Registrar what I can do to increase mobility, without hesitation he says “well, Physio is the best thing – do you have private insurance?” This from a hospital that always trumpeted the NHS way.

I think this is a fore-runner of the way NHS is going – we will have to bite the bullet and pay – so for ways and means look on my site and key in ‘Private’ , ‘Karol Sikora’, Paying for, Choosing, etc. to see all the posts in which I mention ways of paying for private care.

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