Wacky ideas that might help

Although I try to only include information that comes from reputable sources (hospitals, official European cancer centres, recognised research centres, etc.), ocassionally I get sent hints and tips that apparently have worked for their authors – and seem harmless, so worth a try for ourselves.

So the following come with NO guarantee – but let me know if they work for you!

1.  Hot Flushes

One friend sucks an ice cube when her face lights up with a hot flush.

2.  Swimming can wreak havoc with our skin 

Although swimming is one of the best ways for us to exercise, the chlorine in the water can be very, very ageing for our skin.  So every time you go for a swim:

  • take a shower AFTER as well as BEFOREHAND, and use a good shower wash.
  • use shampoo and conditioner
  • slap on body cream
  • and use good quality MOISTURISER on your face


Any more Tips?  send in to verite@greenbee.net




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