In the same vein as my previous funnyIs this you?  !!  Hope not!

But for all of you who may feel like doing this – especially those of you working from home and having to share with kids ‘homeschooling’, this Newsletter comes with a hope that you are able to take 10 minutes to stretch away from the desk.

Go on – doctors tell us it’s good to have a break.

And here is positive news that is winging its way towards me….





Anthem for NHS Staff –  sung to the tune of Frere Jacques

to be sung tonight at 8pm and whenever a sing-a-thon is repeated.

With thanks to Dede Wilson

Always there. Always there
Looking after patients. Looking after patients
Because they care
Because they care
How can we thank you? How can we thank you?
Where do we start? where do we start?
So many heroes. So many heroes
Thank you from out Hearts.  Thank you from our Hearts,

We told the NHS!

For the past years I did a tiny bit to agitate, petition – and even demonstrate to help save Charing Cross Hospital.

Mind you, the demonstration was purely self-indulgent.  I had been in hospital for a couple of months, and was going stir-crazy.  Someone suggested they could borrow a wheelchair, stick me in it and take me out to the demo, and I couldn’t wait to escape.  Waving a banner from the chair, I had wonderful escape.  And am so glad I did!



Where would we be today without these hospitals and the 600+ beds saved? With the corona virus crisis, worsening by the day, it is clear now more than ever that every bed in NW London is needed.


Indeed, those beds have been fully occupied since the hospitals were saved. Years of government austerity have seriously undermined the ability of our NHS to be able to cope with current demands. And our NHS staff, who deserve our full support, are on their knees without adequate protective equipment and without the preventive testing that will save lives – theirs and patients. This needs to change.
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