Americans seem to look after their elderly better than we do

I can’t imagine an American ‘senior’ putting up with the second class  care that the NHS sometimes doles out.

Those of us with elderly relatives get into a routine, knowing each time we get the dreaded phone call “your mother has had a fall”, that we are going to have to sort out a lot of care.  Our local Trust hospital is notorious for short-changing wards when providing fewer nurses for elderly wards, meaning I have to go in at mealtimes, otherwise mother’s tray is whisked away as there are no nurses to help her feed.

So when I get an email from the States, describing what care Jim found for his mother, I can only be jealous!

As he writes, “after spending time with my grandmother …. I am still amazed at how sharp she continues to be — and she’s been through plenty with breast cancer and then the loss of my grandfather. What worries me, though, is how she will fare as she continues to age. Like many seniors, my grandmother is contending with the issues that come up as we get older and have more limitations. But just because seniors have limitations doesn’t mean they can’t be prepared.

At Elder Action, we do our best to offer as many valuable resources as possible to seniors in hopes of helping them stay connected and maintaining a sense of control over their lives.  We try to share as much information as possible to help seniors continue to enjoy what life has to offer”  Then he goes on to list useful contacts.

These are designed for the States, but we can look and learn.

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These have been provided with much thanks to Jim Vogel |

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