Everyone makes Resolutions at this time of year – so I’m making a useful one

Had a ‘light bulb’moment when I lost my temper with the surgery, and got a long-delayed appointment within two weeks.  So my New Year’s Resolution is simple:  to make sure I get the appointments I need.

With 14 comorbidities it is easy for me to forget a check-up.  So my resolution ls to make a list of appointments I need.  Stick it by the telephone to remind me. And keep on phoning.to chase up.

Those of us who have co-morbidities (whoever thinks up these extraordinary words?) can easily find that we get overlooked.  A computer ticks us off on waiting list, but overlooks the fact that the appointment booked could be for another condition.  So to keep on top of it all : –

  • How many NHS appointmentsnever happen because you’ve had to put the phone down at “you are in position no. 13 in the queue” and forgotten to call back?
  • How often has our GP said he will refer us to XXX and this gets lost in the system until we phone back to ask what happened?  If your surgery is one that is administered by Capita, we find this happens often.
  • Or you phone for appointment – finally reach top of queue – only to be told that you  need ANOTHER referral letter from GP.  What a stupid waste of everyone’s time.

So now I ask for a copy of the message my GP sends through to Capita – he doesn’t like them either, but this makes we wonder how thousands of presumably intelligent doctors ever allowed the Government to sub-contract NHS admin to this useless company?

So Happy 2019, And here’s hoping the NHS will get itself sorted so that we don’t cause those wonderful staff too many problems when chasing why we haven’t had an Appointment!


Don’t hold your breath, but Finally the long-delayed ’10 year plan’ for the NHS (surely now a 9 year plan?) is promised for next week.  But as Anita Charlesworth, of the Health Foundation, wrote, last November;

The DH+SC’s budget… is getting a funding uplift of 2.7% next year… below the 3.3% minimum required just to stand still in the face of rising demand and cost pressures… 
So look carefully at what is announced for your area, work out if your health condition/s are going to get anyting like enough, then create Merry Hxxl with your MP, CCG, Uncle Tom Cobley and anyone else you can think of. I recon that those that shout loudest have most chance.  So let if be your New Year Resolution to DO something.  



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