Never underestimate the power of an MEP

Image result for European ParliamentSitting in the EU Parliament are 73 MEPs whom we elected 

OK – they are only expected to be there until  October 31st. Until then we are paying their salaries and expenses, so let’s get value for money and make use of their power whilst we can. 

And if, as cynics expect, we don’t leave the EU then, you will have contacts when you don’t get a fair share of NHS care, and need someone in your corner.

Valda’s Case Study

Valda really did make full use of her MEP.

“I met up with Said Kamal (my MEP) in Brussels, and realised I could make use of his political clout when dealing with NHS cut-backs.  My MP had been unable to help when I discovered the NHS cut back on my care. Listening to Kamal I realised he could be a powerful advocate to negotiate and help me get better NHS care.  Particularly as over 70% of our legislation stems from Brussels – seems Whitehall just rubber-stamps what they say.

Swollen with Lymphoedema, the NHS had just decided it wouldn’t pay for specialised care, and no-one seemed able to help.  Unless I paid privately for MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage) at £80 a session.  A letter to Mr. Kamal, and 10 days later I was granted £2,000 to pay for MLD treatment funded by NHS in a local private hospital.  This worked brilliantly and my swelling has almost completely gone.

Shortly after, since I had been having problems with drug side effects, my Oncologist suggested changing tablets; but the NHS refused on grounds of cost.  I offered to pay the difference, but that wasn’t allowed.  So I phoned the CCG, suggested – tongue in cheek – that my MEP might be interested, and 30 minutes later a phone call from their Chief Executive informed me that “in this instance” they would pay after all.

So I found MEPs very useful!”

What you can do

MEPs are grouped into regions.  Google and find out which ones represent your area.  In theory any one of the group can represent you, so you need to check what the various parties say (or do) about Health.  e.g. Nigel Farage’s Brexit party (with 29 MEPs out of the 73) has said it wants to do something about the NHS.

Use these statements to remind them what they said about the NHS, and go for it.

Image result for ann widdecombeAnn Widdecombe (Brexit party) did a stint for the BBC in their ‘Celebritiy on the NHS front line’ series, in which she made pithy and to-the-point comments about NHS Admin – so she could be useful if she represents you..  There are other comments on health – you would be surprised what you find on the Internet.

It will take a bit of spade work, but it could be worth it as Valda and others have found out.


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