I have news for friends, worried I would find country life boring; it’s busy, busy, busy.  Arriving, I am whisked off for lunch, then tea, then get out my diary to fill in future events.  I hadn’t  been in Oxfordshire 24 hours but suspect life is going to be fun!.

And just as fraught as London.  Away from Chelsea’s developments, which were smoothed through by ‘community benefits’ (Council’s euphemism for bribes to get them built);  I have yet to learn what is terminology in Oxfordshire, but BBC2 showed an hour-long programme about my new area which is about to be blighted by the local Government’s plans to build on Green Belt. Silly me – I always thought the Green Belt was sacred, and no-one was allowed to build on it – but it seems Government can make changes to build where they want.

In Lily’s (local version of Starbucks but far prettier and more delicious goodies on offer) I turn on my lap top and open  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osgu0hEwgFI&t=39s                     with my niece, family and friends explaining how they feel about the plans to concrete over fields, and, worryingly, build on flood plains.

Another niece has come up with what seems to be a popular fund-raiser for the local school;  A Gin Tasting Evening.  Am assured that it’s grown-ups only! But life certainly isn’t dull, with MLD therapist living in next-door street, hairdresser opposite and massage therapist down the road.  It’s all happening here.  Plus Mary at the local Maggie’s Centre sounds incredibly welcoming over the phone – and gives me sage advice to set me on my way.



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