Exercise IS good for you !

Image result for exercise cartoonIt’s just trying to get it that’s difficult.

Having closed down hydropools, stopped many exercise classes in hospital gyms,  and introduced other cost-cutting measures, the NHS has finally realised that those who keep up with exercise actually save the NHS money!

So Age UK has stepped in, and offers a range of classes across the UK, which are especially beneficial for cancer survivors.  The Charity have taken up the slack left by crazy NHS cuts, and being run by volunteers are – frankly – doing a pretty good job!

For classes near you see map on  https://directory.ageuk.org.uk/local-service/

Type of exercise classes run by Age UK
  • Dance. Show off your moves at an Age UK dance class. …
  • Seated exercise. Seated exercise classes are some of their most popular. …
  • Tai Chi which originates from Ancient China, is now practised by older people around the world. …
  • Walking clubs. …
  • Zumba Gold
  • Tailored exercise for elderly

Sandra goes to a typical class for local OAPs run at her village hall in Oxfordshire.  In charge is a very experienced trainer, Paul, who has plenty of experience.  She says the class is a fun part of her week.  “Its £4 per session, with men and women;  we can come and go, depending on when we have free time; and if we don’t turn up we don’t pay!  We do simple exercises around chairs. I hold on, but others don’t need to.  Paul varies the exercises;  he is half my age but very supportive, and we have all become friends. This week we were discussing where we were going to go for a Christmas lunch. 

I can’t recommend this class too highly, and Age UK have just the right person in Paul to run them; I know he holds classes in other villages near-by, and I am thinking of perhaps seeing where they are so I can ‘do’ another one each week. 

Ages ago my mother was on a committee that raised money to provide state-of-the-art gym equipment at Chelsea and Westminster hospital.  Today, the equipment lies around, seldom used, and when I was in an exercise class and wanted to use the treadmill to help with osteoporosis, I was told I wasn’t allowed to use it as my physio wasn’t qualified to supervise me. Apparently the hospital was now hiring very junior physios as a cost-cutting exercise!   who  weren’t trained to use treadmills -well, that was the excuse. So this expensive machinery stays unused.

New Brooms and all that

Recently, there must have been another shuffle around of the top NHS  brass, and the new boy/girl is exercise-mad.  Press releases about exercise and benefits fill my In-Box,  especially for cancer recovery.  Bit late, when facilities have been closed down.  But since when did practicalities ever come into NHS ‘plans’?

Iit can be difficult to find appropriate exercise classes.  Join  the average class at a privae Gym, and the keep-fit Instructor can be a terrifying figure shouting out “keep up”.  The exercise level is too intensive when you are post-cancer and and possiby elderly. But Age UK seems to be filling the bill nicely, and Sandra says her class has a couple of under-40s who are keen supporters as the Age UK formula of tailored exercise suits them.  Well done them and Age UK!


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