By the time I stood outside the door, trying to work out if this was correct place for me, it was almost too late. 

In these days of PC correctness, the simplest action can be fraught with danger.  I daren’t even say “God Bless” to someone, in case I offend.  Today, the NHS is so up itself trying to be PC, inclusive, gender-equal and everything else, that I am constantly confused.


Go to a new hospital, and a Receptionist hands you a dreaded clipboard with a form to fill in.This is going to take five minutes to give the information that will help the doctors decide if they have a ingrowing toenail to treat, or a heart attack. Simples.

Then you turn the form over, and there are pages asking what sex you are;  as I don’t recognise half the options I am given I am never sure what box to tick.  Then I have to give my Ethnic origin.  That’s easy – I like confusing computers so look for the box that says ‘Other’.  I then decide to play a game, and go through the form looking for ‘other’ and tick those all those boxes.

The one question they could ask would be ‘What nationality would you prefer to be treated by?”  Why such a non-PC statement?  Because now that the NHS has decided that long-term consequences of Polio is no longer to be treated by the NHS, I welcome doctors from India, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Nepal etc. who all know how to treat me.

But the tick boxes don’t help with treatment, only to gather reams of statistics which take ages to gather and don’t add to our care.

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