Nothing has improved since the days Andrew Lansley looked down his arrogant nose and tried to gloss over the fact that UK’s cancer care was far behind rest of Europe. This week comes a new study, saying we still lag behind – and the typical wooden dummy ‘spokesperson’ wheeled out by NHS England came out to brush aside shocking statistics, saying “cancer survival is at a “record high” in England; latest report says the rest of Europe also has ‘record high ‘, but pitched at a higher level than UK.

Then came the mantra, the biggest opportunities for further improvements in UK cancer survival currently come mainly from earlier diagnosis, modern radiotherapy and surgery, as against just higher spending on cancer drugs with a modest impact on life expectancy” .

Just try and present at your GP’s with possible cancer symptoms to be investigated – as I found out, one’s concerns are pooh poohed. Where a European GP would send you off for investigation, rightly concluding that it is better to possibly waste money on carrying out a relatively inexpensive investigation, than mop up the consequences if cancer is overlooked . Here the ‘wet hehind the ears’ Locum tried to look knowledgeable, and tell me that a doctor from Sweden’s Karolinska Institute (World renowned for cancer treatment) doesn’t know what’s what – and in his opinion I don’t need an investigation on moles on my body – when experienced Swede had said yes..

Be warned, Jeremy Hunt. If the moles turn out to be nasty – my sleeves are already rolled up for a fight with NHS to reclaim cost of private investigation and treatment.

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