With summer here, we need something lighter than winter’s body balms

And along comes Botanicals Deep Peace Body Oil.

Lovely name for a gorgeous product, which is just right for summer time.  It’s  light, spreads easily and absorbs readily, leaving a deep moisturised lay of skin.

And, it is Soil Association certified.  Botanicals Natural Organic Skincare has produced this ‘Deep Peace’ body care product that can help do just that!

Just because we no longer have to worry about winter winds playing bavoc with skin is no excuse not to moisturise.  Summer heat can be just as drying for skin, even if we keep out of the sun.

Follow your night-time bath routine by using Deep Peace Organic Body Massage Oil (rrp £25 for 100ml) to help soothe the senses and promote a restful night’s sleep.  With 100% certified organic oils and natural Vitamin E, this comforting, synergistic blend enriches the skin with essential nutrients to promote balance and aid relaxation.  Organic Lavender, Geranium, Sweet Orange, Marjoram and Sandalwood essential oils also help lift the spirit, ease nervous tension and relieve negative emotions.

To use: massage into arms, neck and shoulders at bedtime, preferably after a bath or shower whilst the skin is warm and slightly damp, to promote restorative, restful sleep

If only I could send it down the telephone line to ensure peace when trying to contact Call Centres!.

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